Starting a Consulting Business

From the many businesses models to choose from, business consulting is one of the more lucrative fields of endeavor. Sharing ones expertise and leaving their client in a better position financially is the goal. For that effort, a commission or contingency fee is the financial reward.

A consulting business can be run from an office or even as a home business. All one needs is proper training, a computer and transportation to the clients location. And of course clients! Get a more complete picture of this business by leaving your email on the form to the right and get a Free e-Book that details everything.

Real Estate Property Tax Consulting

A Business that can cater to both commercial business as well as residential homeowners is the property tax appeal business. This is a business that has huge unmet demand. The reason for this is that there is a large percentage of home and businesses that are over-assessed. In fact, The National Taxpayers Union writes that as many as 60% of all homeowners are over-assessed and not in line with their home value. ("How To Fight Property Taxes" 2004 p.1) The National Tax Payers Union is a non-profit organization and could likely be trusted as an unbiased source in the realm of tax information.

Finding and signing up clients is not difficult under these circumstances. Many already feel they are over paying and are more than willing to have someone look into their property taxes. The resolution of and winning a property tax appeal case odds are very high.

It is suggested to take on a client as one takes the course, thereby internalizing the learning process with reality. Also, by following the course instruction, winning a clients property tax appeal will more than pay for the course launching one into a new career.

It's not difficult to spot instances where businesses are in need of help. They may have lost an anchor tenant or any tenant for that matter. If the property taxes are not appealed, the taxing authorities will continue charging.

Residential properties frequently suffer from over taxation and if no one comes to the homeowner's rescue, they will cough up thousands of dollars. Most homeowners are daunted by the process and lack the expertise or just don't have the time to do it themselves.

Starting a consulting business in the field of property tax appeals is an extremely lucrative endeavor. Competition is minimal. The only state that requires licensing is the state of Texas.

Don't forget, get a more complete picture of this business by leaving your email on the form to the right and get a Free e-Book that details everything.

Starting a Consulting Business


Starting a Consulting Business


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