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One of the best home based businesses to begin is that where one shares their knowledge and expertise in. The consultancy business allows flexibility and offers people who value their independence a chance to shine. There is a wide range of income potential that this business can generate. Beginning a consultancy business has one sharing their expertise, tips, tricks and techniques that will help a business's or consumer's bottom line. One only needs to provide professional advice or service. Naturally, that is an open door to know what area to target. The key is to choose an area that one has expertise in that is in demand or to learn a skill that can fill a demand. If one is searching for an area that has high unmet demand, the property tax consulting niche may be of interest.

The Property Tax Consultantcy Business

Property tax consulting is one such avenue. As long as you have the experience, knowledge or skill one can begin. In the property tax consultant course, that will be detailed in much greater depth if you leave your email for the FREE eBook on the right, you'll see that the consultant is encourage toward signing up a new client while taking the course. Not only is the course cost covered many times over through this process, the information of the course becomes cemented by practical experience.

Helping businesses and homeowners reduce an excessive property tax cries out for practitioners. The National Taxpayers Union writes that as many as 60% of all homeowners are over-assessed and not in line with their home value. ("How To Fight Property Taxes" 2004 p.1).

Businesses are in constant need of help in this area since conditions change from year to year. Unlike homeowners, who appeal their property taxes based on a sales comparison approach by which fair market value is based on comparison of similar properties, the business benchmark for fair value is based on an income approach. Incomes for many business are like a roller coaster, and there are many opportunities for appeal. The rub is, if the homeowner or business does not appeal their property tax assessment, it continues at the same benchmark year after year. Many lack the time or expertise to follow through. Many have busy schedules or different priorities thereby bypassing this opportunity to save thousands of dollars.

Not many are aware of this business opportunity that can be worked right out of their own home or in tandem with another profession. It is not difficult to learn with a good professional course and hands on experience. Sixth grade math skills, a computer, cell phone, contract forms and course material to guide are all that is needed to work this business. Only in the state of Texas is a license required.

This consultancy business has many rewards. Contingency fees reward the practitioner with a very attractive reward. The customer is thrilled by saving money and their property tax consultant will be their hero.

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Consultancy Business

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