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Playing Fast and Lose With Public Money
Government Inefficiency Scandals

The Administrative Leave Scam

Consulting U.S. Senators have shed light on a scam that has tarnished the notion of fair play in America. This scam is called Administrative Leave. Some are idled for months and up to three years as a nepotistic reward (no-show jobs) or it can be used as a tool to silence whistle blowers and any opposition unfavorable to an administrator. How about those hardly show up or even no-show jobs?

In the last few years, a waste of 700 million tax dollars, this perpetual conspiracy against the public trust, speaks loud against government policies initiated and upheld by coward politicians not putting a stop to this theft.

The Washington Post recently reported the widespread use of "Administrative Leave" by 53,000 civilian employees who collected more than $700 million over the last few years. They were kept idled for even 3 months to three years while on paid leave.

Some senior executive salaried being investigated for alleged misconduct were banned from work for years while collecting full salary. Senator Charles E. Grassley has worked for more than a year to highlight the practice of extended paid leave. This information was disclosed for the first time by the Government Accountability Office in October 2014

In a Washing Post Article entitled "The government paid $80 million last year for feds to stay home, new analysis reveals," these men, worthy of the title "public servant" working as consultants for the American Populace: Senator Jon Tester (D-Mont) and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) released a report about the high cost and dubious benefit of scandalous practice.

Unlike government unions, in private construction unions (masons, iron workers, carpenters, elevator mechanics ...), workers only get paid when they work. If an administrator or contractor is dissatisfied, that worker goes to the union hall and waits, without pay, for another job within their skill level.

Scam: IG Audit: 6.5 Million People With Active Social Security Numbers Are 112 Years Old or Older

Are 112 Year Olds Causing a $12 Billion Social Security Fraud for Taxpayers?

"The USA's Inspector General has identified 6.5 million number-holders age 112 -- or older -- for whom no death date has been entered in the main electronic file, called Numident."

Again due to, a consultant and public servant for the American People, this informatin is brought to light. Amazing since only 42 known people have reached that age in recorded human history.

The National Center for Policy Analysis reasons that reforms to the Social Security Disability Trust Fund could save taxpayers $12 billion annually.

The Social Security Administration in the year of 2015 does not have the technology teeth to ensure that people are deceased. So much for Homeland Security. It's like children are in charge ignoring accountability to the American taxpayer. This blindness needs to come to a halt.

Keeping track of people who died should be a relatively simple matter. Matching those against payment records will stop wasting taxpayer's money, identity theft and restore faith in a government that should have its peoples trust at heart.


Property Tax Consultants Challenge the Unchallenged Property Tax Assessments Error Rates
"60% of all homeowners are over-assessed
" - National Taxpayers Union
"An error rate of 40% exists" - Consumer Reports

Even at the local and state level, efficiency problems exist and it's the taxpaying citizen that has to pay for the error - unless it is appealed.

Obviously, finding clients is easy as a Property Tax Consultant. Your clients need not continue over-paying on their property tax. You're client are being squeezed enough, they should NOT overpay! Estimates for over-assessed properties range from 40% to 60%.

If one accepts their situation in life, nothing will change ... just like tax assessments. When you challenge the assessment with proof warranting revision ... it changes!

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