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The prices of homes sold vary in price over time. The prices go up and down and property tax assessments are not done yearly. Often prior valuations are simply rolled over year after year.

Recently, the market value of homes have been in a downward spiral. When it comes to property tax appeals, most do not take advantage of that fact and leave a significant amount of money on the table.

Property tax consulting is a business where one helps a client appeal their property tax so that they only pay their fair share, not overpay as so many do. It involves comparing three similar homes to your clients' home and making dollar adjustments for those considerations that they do not have in common. It's simple math with valuations arrived at by using a guide as a reference.

For business property tax appeals, a different method is used, an income method (a market value method is used for residential appeals). Reducing the burden of property taxes puts more money into the pocket of a business by minimizing expenses. Even though there are greater financial rewards for the consultant in business and commercial property tax appeals, it's best to cut one's teeth on residential appeals starting out.

Considering that Consumer Reports (a monthly publication that addresses consumer needs) states that a 40% error rate exists property tax assessments. Another publication, The National Taxpayers Union states that as many as 60% of homeowners are over-assessed. Even data obtained from the MOD4 and SR1A files maintained within the New Jersey County Assessors, shows that 48% of all New Jersey residents that own homes are over-assessed (I surmise other states have similar stats).

Using a limited power of attorney (a written authorization to act on another's behalf in a business or private affair as a legal matter afforded to non-attorney individuals) one can represent a client, a neighbor or friend in a property tax appeal. Often, people are working (sometimes a few jobs), are incapacitated, off on vacation or on business trips, can't take time off work or just don't want to be bothered. One can represent a client to the tax assessor or represent client cases to an adjustment board without the client being there using a POA (power of attorney).

There are different types of power of attorney: General Power of Attorney, Special Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, and a Durable Power of Attorney.

According to Legal Zoom: Special Power of Attorney is defined as where one “can specify exactly what powers an agent may exercise by signing a special power of attorney. This is often used when one cannot handle certain affairs due to other commitments or health reasons. Selling property (personal and real), managing real estate, collecting debts, and handling business transactions are some of the common matters specified in a special power of attorney document.” If a turf fight ensues know that you have this legal right as an American and just need to stick up for that right.

A property tax consultant does not need a law degree or be licensed, except in the state of Texas at this time. Homeowners can enlist the service of a property tax consultant in order to reduce a property tax bill. There is a contingency agreement that the homeowner or business signs and agrees to in becoming a client which allows the consultant to be rewarded.

Generally speaking, the consultant works for free until they win the case. When the consultant wins the case, then the contingency agreement comes into effect. That agreement is a no-lose for the client.

Potential clients exist everywhere, in every state. There is a course that shows one how to get an unlimited stream of clients that will be too much to handle. That course has more than enough examples and easy to follow math that enables consultants to put together winning appeal after winning appeal.

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A Professional Income On Your Terms

With a large number of homes and businesses having glaring property assessment errors, honing in on good candidates for high-percentage, high dollar amount wins is not difficult.

Rectify a tax injustice and give the customer the property tax break they deserve. In turn, you are rewarded out of that tax reduction by way of a contingency fee that can carry over into subsequent years. Besides helping others, this is highly lucrative.

This contingency carry over means you're rewarded multiple times for the same hours of work. Besides getting rewarded monetarily, you will get a great feeling helping your client. Check it out!

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