The Property Tax Appeal Consulting Business

Driving by empty stores and vacant parking lots by local malls that were supplying property tax income to cash starved communities is sad.  A tidal wave of evictions and defaults will soon arrive. States and municipalities will have to boost their revenues by way of increased taxes because of the financial crunch imposed by lack of business tax revenue.

The opportunity to help businesses recover (they are assessed on their income rather than the worth of their property) from being over taxed will be like waving a magic wand. If they don’t appeal, their property tax assessment will remain the same. They need that lever. Using our course, one can help someone’s own situation as well as doing it for others as a profitable side business. 

Residential homeowners will soon experience those property tax increases and will be even more open to review their assessments. In any case, it will be a boom time for any property tax consultant.

Gleaning from news reports, the over-hyped corona virus war has thrown our economy into turmoil. Social unrest and injustices have added fuel to the fire.

The economy had a massive debt financial bubble on its hand even before the corona virus hit in June, 2020 expanded that debt by another $4 trillion. Real unemployment soared past 20% - the US has lost over 26.5 million jobs. The Fed is on a money printing binge to keep the economy afloat.

Tough economic times lie ahead despite many eventually going back to work. In the early 1930’s the economy unhinged and that financial bubble deflated.

When will it happen? I’ll leave that to your best judgment.

As a property tax consultant, not only in good times but more so in bad times, one can aid those suffering from over-assessment as an effective work from home side business. There always will be work coming your way when people try to economize.

Communities will be reluctant to conduct expensive blanket reassessments. They’ll instead be rolling over previous assessment and tagging on a higher percentage of taxes.

You can do this for yourself or for others. Finding a treasure trove of customers will be easier than ever!

 Appeal For Yourself And/Or Earn High Contingency Fees Helping Your Clients Get Free Of Unacceptable Burdens
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